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Suitable for an ADULT or audience of GRADES 9-12

GRADES: 7 - 12

DURATION: 50 MINUTES + 10 MINUTE Q&A if requested

CURRICULUM LINKS: Sustainability, Community Engagement, Critical Creative Thinking, Personal  and Social Capabilities, Ethics


Sustainability is a cross - curricular priority in the Australian Curriculum, and in everyday life! Plastica Fantastica takes audiences on a comedic and ridiculous journey, a parody of societies reliance on single use plastic, its affects on the environment and how we can reduce it in our everyday life.

An outlandish award-winning one-woman comedy show. Follow the story of a woman who is addicted to plastic. Her life falls apart when she finds out that she is allergic to the one thing she loves most... Get ready for questionable dance moves, a musical Tupperware moment, a potential skirt split & several 'what did I just witness moments?'
This show has won hearts and giggles in festivals and schools across the country.


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