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We offer a range of event entertainment; from talking tree's, to eco activist granny's. We have taken our wacky characters to Splendour in the Grass, Universities, Environmental Festivals, as well as a variety of Brisbane City Council Events. All characters are interactive, engaging and whole lot of fun. We hand make each costume, from recycled and secondhand sources. The characters bring extra life to events, and leave guests of all ages laughing, with fun pics, as well as some eco tips.

All of our character costumes are ethically sourced. We collected secondhand pieces, and sew items out of recycled fabrics. #RECYCLINGROCKS

Talkin' Trees

This loveable pair are our most popular. They quickly catch the attention of children, and keep them engaged with their wacky acts, and fun games. Watch out that you don't get mistaken as a tree they might water your feet, and soggy smelly socks are never fun!

The Granny Guru's

Who doesn't love a granny! Especially when their mission is to save the planet. Although old, and a little slow these gals know how to liven up an event. They love to bird watch, litter patrol events, play the harmonica, and teach people to make earth advocate badges.

The Bin Ladies

This trio consists of Rhonda Recycler, Ruby Rubbish & Corrinda Compost. Their mission is to teach people what goes in each bin, so that they can become bin whizzes. Waste management is a massive problem. Teaching people how to best dispose of their rubbish at home and at your event is a great idea! These ladies play games, inspect bins, and even sing songs, all whilst playing the Accordion! They also make for great photo oportunities with their bright coloured costumes. These ladies are usually booked as a Trio, but can also be booked on their own. 

Want us for your event?


We are more then happy to create new characters and costumes to help with your event! Shoot us an email and we can have a chat.

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